"Gortha" is an interactive experience designed to teach middle school-age students about the digestive system by examining a fictional animal, the "gortha," that has a digestive process very similar to our own. Users manipulate tangible, silicone "organs" on a reacting light table in order to find out more information about what they do and what happens to the food that passes through them, and then use that information to put the organs in the correct order and put gortha back together again. They can then examine the similarities between gortha's system and our own in a more in-depth manner, and even treat a sick Gortha by figuring out what is wrong with her digestive processes (based on the knowledge they have acquired earlier in the game).

"Gortha" was created by Greg Dorsainville, Merve Keles, Eszter Ozsvald & Roopa Vasudevan for Design for Playful Learning during the Spring 2012 semester at ITP/ECT (New York University).

Gortha was presented at the 7th Annual Games for Change Festival in the demo session.

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