endarchive is an open archive of urban experience built from the street. Using unique QR code tags allowing collaborators to reference their personal experiences of the city in physical space.
After placing a QR tag on an object or location, the tag is scanned using a QR scanner on a mobile device and an entry is created consisting of text and a photograph. Anyone on the street can then view the archive entry by scanning the tag. Endarchive.com is an online repository of user entries in New York City. It was presented during the Festival of Ideas for the New City.

The project is intentionally open; encouraging users to explore the format however they wish. Each archive might used as a located point of memory, commentary, protest, advocacy, etc…

endarchive is a project by Alex Dodge,
Yoni Ben Simhon,
Eszter Ozsvald,
and Mirit Tal
presenting at the Festival of Ideas for the New City
In association with Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery and The Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

built w indexhibit