Hand made, pass-it-on hitchhiker cat network
Kitchen Budapest, March 2009.

To make it happen

MacsEk! MacsEk!
Burning bright
In the cities of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful asymmetry?

Travel with the cat,
live out his dreams,
don’t sit on your button beans!
See if u can beat the quests
and you can do your best
to make it happen.

Take him to your workplace,
to the bar, to the parties.
Remember, pictures are his memories
as macsEk is a star
in all of these.

When you think she’s seen enough,
has discovered all your life,
say goodbye to your kitty,
pass him to your buddy,
(a responsible one).

MacsEks are never lonely,
they are always on their journey,
don’t let distances grow bigger,
upload the pictures on Flickr!
To make it happen.

written with András Szalai

built w indexhibit