the team:

Judit Boros
András Sly Szalai
Dani Feles
Dávid Lakatos
Krisztián Gergely

Good plans should not be carried out too quickly, 5 years seems to be just enough. As some of my friends had the same thought, we agreed on making the fiveyearstobefamous team. Since then more friends have joined. Our goal is to create our own brand at the end of the five years (however, we only could buy the domain All of us are currently enrolled in universities all over the world (ELTE, Milano Polytech, MIT Media Lab, MOME, NYU, RCA) and are highly ambitious.
Our aim is to create a website seeding from the blogposts of our own webpage, it has a potential to become an interesting page to see personal projects in art&tech&design&science. With the team we also reached a consensus that there seems to be a growing need for a unique place in Hungary that targets outstanding students and offers excellent-quality learning possibilities. Therefore, one of our aim is when we all get back to Budapest to establish a school that would provide high level education seeded from our vision.

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